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B&H Surgical is proud of the accomplishments thus far as a company and so we want to share with you some of our history and where we are today.

Santa Clarita, California

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our company is to provide high quality products and reliable service to our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web-site and using our products as we continue to strive to do our best in quality, price, and service.

Our Sales Representation

B&H Surgical currently has sales representation in California as well as medical distribution in other states.  We are always looking for experienced distributors who have a passion for our products and a passion for life.  We try to bring our passion for life to you through our business and this user friendly web-site.

Our Company

B&H Surgical was founded in 1998 as a surgery products based company located in Southern California.  In the year 2000 we decided to put the majority of our focus and energy on becoming a medical supplier specializing in OB/GYN and GI endoscopy products for the physicians office, operating room and GI lab.  Today we are a nationally recognized company offering our customers a comprehensive product line ranging from office gynecology to O.R. surgery instrumentation and equipment.  And taking our business to the internet has made the journey even more exciting for us by helping to further reach our customers needs.

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